I spent the day dreaming on Raise Rwanda, the foundation, possible logos, of fundraising possibilities, of Twitter this and Facebook that.  While driving from gymnastics to the grocery to the craft store and back, I am thinking of the 13 students already enrolled in the Raise Rwanda program and yearning to meet them, to get to know them, their dreams and history, their personalities and their families.  I want to take great photos and chronicle their lives to share with Raise Rwanda supporters.  I envision their photo journal and stories posted on the website so people can connect with each child intimately.   In between my son's acrobatic stunts at Cobra Gymnastics I try unsuccessfully to fix the donate button. 

So this is what it feels like to have 13 children relying on you for their future.  As my son melts ice cubes on the woodstove, I realize I am dreaming a true organization, a charity, into life.  But underneath the foundation are real. live. children. depending. on. us.