Our Mission

RAISE RWANDA works with people living in underprivileged communities in Rwanda to help end cycles of poverty by raising money in support of health, education, and small economic initiatives.  We  build partnerships and exchange programs between Imidugudu (villages) and schools in Rwanda and towns and schools in the USA, strengthening transnational perspectives through the sharing of stories and experiences.  RAISE RWANDA is a subsidiary program of the Centers for Social Responsibility, Inc. a 501(c)(3) organization. 

Our Values


Our work stems from our deep care for the wellbeing of all people.  This encompasses physical and emotional health as well as basic human needs for food, shelter, clean water, medical care, and even loving care.  One cannot fully participate in school or in life without basic wellbeing.


We desire to impart hope on the individuals that are otherwise living each day with very little to look forward to.  Many children will not have a chance to become educated and without this education, they are left to a future without much opportunity.  We change lives by bestowing hope and opportunity once again.


Raise Rwanda is guided by compassion and empathy for each one of us.  We have tremendous care for those left to rebuild their lives in Rwanda, as they heal from the past and strive to forge a new tomorrow.  It is with compassion that we listen to each story, imagine each life, and reach a hand out to help.


We strive to create connections: Just as Rwanda can be blessed by benefactors, so too can we be blessed by Rwanda.  Every time we hear someone’s story we are given the opportunity to connect.  Thru connection  something within us is touched.  It is this heart connection that motivates us to give.